Don’t know how or don’t have the time to effectively communicate your business and/or brand to the public to get the attention and exposure you need to get results?


You have spent money on courses, programs, webinars and coaches and still feel LOST with a bunch of information that you’re trying to piece together

You try to piece together a plan, but you can never seem to stay CONSISTENT

You know your value, but you don’t know how to best articulate it to ATTRACT people

You have so many layers to your business that you can’t keep up and everything is all over the place, it’s hard to know where to focus and you need a CLEAR brand DIRECTION

You are looking at your event ticket sales or service sales hoping to reach a certain GOAL that you haven’t been able to attain yet

You have some great ideas and/or content, but you are too busy to IMPLEMENT them

You feel unproductive because you spend hours upon hours staring at the computer screen trying to come up with ideas to ATTRACT people and the MEDIA

Am I talking to you?

Here's YOUR solution!


PR L.Y.F.T. (Lay Your Foundation and Thumbprint) Signature Program


You will feel confident with your public image and show that you are the GOAT (expert)

You will maximize your brand recognition and go from unknown to KNOWN in the marketplace and your industry/niche

You will have the brand capacity to SELL OUT events and services with ease

You will build a better social media presence that keeps GROWING

You will have press materials you need to gain MEDIA coverage

You will learn how to brand your multi-faceted business to where it makes sense

You will have a creative communications strategy that will no longer make you feel lost with your business

Other Services

45 Minute Discovery Session- FREE


Let's discover where I can help you best. I will learn about challenges you are currently facing, how these challenges are impacting you and what you want to accomplish. 

2 Hour Strategy Session- $197

In this intensive two-hour session we will: (1) set the right goals AND objectives to flourish your business and brand (2) map out an ENTIRE quarter (3 FULL MONTHS!) of strategy and content for your business.

FB/Instagram Content Plan Package- $379


***Most Requested*** Social media is an area that most people struggle with, believe it or not. This will help build a strong social media presence where you will know what to put on social media, how to keep people coming back to you, how to do less work and generate more content, what hashtags to use and MORE! Here is what you will get: (1) Facebook AND Instagram analysis (2) social media mini video training (3) social media goals AND objectives + one-hour one-on-one session (4) Tailored one-month social media content plan + 2 hour one-on-one session (5) 1 hour of post-plan accountability questions for any additional help afterwards.