Create Your Own Lane: Strategy VIP Bowling Day


Strategic planning is the first step to conveying your message to your audience. Sadly, this is the one step that: (1) most businesses and brands skip (2) a lot of PR pros don't spend enough time on (3) is often the determining key factor between short-term and LONG-TERM RESULTS. Here you will get CLEAR on your goals, develop your brand personality and brand story, map out your target audience with research and psychographics, find the differentiating factors of your brand to STAND OUT in the marketplace AND come up with an effective communication strategy. Are you ready to create your own lane?


***includes 4 hours of intensive strategizing and planning. If you’re local in the Charleston area or decide to travel to the Charleston area this will include a fun game of bowling and lunch. Otherwise, this will be a fun and interactive live video call.***