Business Scene Package

$299 (Pick 5 + additional $50 ea.)

-Exposure & publicity consultation *(req'd as 1 of 5)

-Professional media headshot

-Professional signature media bio

-Social media start up and analytics (1 platform)

-Half-page spread in local media publication

-Press release (without distribution)

-Press release distribution ONLY (1 outlet)

-Social media templates (3)

-Business card design ONLY (1 side)

-Intro interview

+$100 ea.

-Press release distribution to 2 outlets

-Local news media spot

-Financial planning (30 days)

-30-sec digital commercial

-Contacts and connections (12)

-Website domain

-Business card design and print (1 side, 100 ct.)

-Media training (interviews, live video, speaking engagements)

+$200 ea.

-Media kit

-Website design

-Website content creation

-Event planning

-Social media management (30 days, 1 platform)



It’s as easy at 1, 2, 3!

  1. Pick your options

  2. Schedule 1 hr. consultation of $99, which will go toward the cost of the package

  3. Communicate your genius and get paid!