Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj Rap Beef: 3 PR Nuggets on Attracting Your Target Market

By: Lanetra King

Image source: BET

Image source: BET

Using Current Events as a Textbook..

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere or are just out of the loop in hip-hop culture, I'm sure that your social media timelines have been flooded with hilarious memes regarding the viral Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj beef. Although, the entertainment and laughs were well needed, there are many PR lessons that can be learned from this battle of two female domninators.

How is this relevant to PR?

Well, there seems to be a challenge that is common between many business owners and entrepreneurs, "Where do I start," "How can I get my target audience to find me" or "How do I attract my target market?"  If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or a creative and you know that you have great products and/or services, but you can’t figure out how to get clients to notice you or find you, then this is for you. With the three tips I’ll be providing, you will know how your clients can reach you.

The Short Run-Down...

Let's start with a little background on the situation. The Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj rap beef dates back to about 2007. Both artists were prominent around the same time, but had different niches. Nicki Minaj had a cool flow and was validated by her popular Cash Money-Young Money crew. Remy was a dominating force because of her ability to out-rap almost anyone, not just females, but her male counterparts too. However in 2008, the throne was left to Nicki Minaj as Remy Ma was sentenced to prison for six years. 

Nicki Minaj had the opportunity to 'level up' and build her brand, community, fan-base and rise to the top of the charts-- and she did just that. 

Fast Forward to Today... 

Remy Ma is out of prison and has come back to take her throne. Nicki Minaj recently made subliminal jabs at Remy Ma who then responded with an almost 7-minute diss track called ‘ShEther’ and this is where the lesson begins. Even if you are not a hip-hop head, these three tips are for you.

Nugget #1- Numbers Can Lie.

So you know how they say, “Women lie, men lie, but numbers don’t lie?" That is not always the case.


Remy Ma has won two Vibe Awards, two Source Awards and a BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist. Now, Nicki Minaj has won a plethora of awards: six American Music Awards, 10 BET Awards, seven BET Hip Hop Awards, four Billlboard Music Awards, three MTV VMAs, three MTV Europe Music Awards, two People’s Choice Awards, a Soul Train Music Award and four Teen Choice Awards.

I think we have all of them...  Image Source: MemeShare

I think we have all of them...

Image Source: MemeShare


Net Worth and Social Media

Image Source: BET

Image Source: BET

Nicki Minaj has a reported net worth of 60-70 million dollars. Remy Ma is reported to be at a $500,00 net worth. When it comes to their following and tribe, Nicki Minaj has 74.4 million followers on Instagram and 20.7 million followers on Twitter. Remy Ma has 3.6 million followers on Instagram and 216,000 followers on Twitter. If you were counting on a bet, you would say Nicki Minaj has it fair and square, but numbers can lie!

When you listen to 'ShEther' and you listen to Remy Ma’s music and lyrics, it’s clear that she dominates the win because of the quality of her work. As a business owner or entrepreneur, don’t think your clients can’t find you because you don’t have the “numbers"-- the followers, likes, shares or views. Don’t get discouraged by numbers because it’s about the quality. Your clients will find you because of your quality, not quantity.

Nugget # 2- Be Authentic

Authenticity is key and wins the war. Remy Ma is a true Hip-Hop Rap artist and her music is about lyrics and bars. Nicki Minaj is a “rap artist,” but many confuse her with being a "pop artist" because of her cross-over and mainstream appeal. When it comes down to it, Remy Ma is more true to her craft when it comes to Rap and Hip Hop music.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, if you want your clients to find you, you need to be authentic to yourself, your craft and your industry. What I noticed with this beef is that people really appreciate authenticity. The public, even Nicki Minaj fans. are giving props where props are due to Remy Ma because she is a true lyricist and she killed it! Yes, Nicki Minaj may win the battle of popularity, but Remy Ma wins war of authenticity and reputation. So don’t get caught up in the popularity battle; you want to win the war of authenticity and reputation.

Nugget #3- Be the Face and Voice of Your Brand


Image Source: XXL Magazine

Image Source: XXL Magazine

Here is an excerpt from Remy Ma's diss-track 'ShEther:

And stop talking numbers, you signed a 360 deal through Young Money, through Cash Money, through Republic, which means your money goes through five [people] before you touch it. Any videos, promotions, come out of your budget. Endorsements, tour and merchandise
— Remy Ma- 'ShEther'

It’s been rumored that Nicki Minaj has a 360 deal, which is one of the worst deals in the music industry. This basically means that she’s tied to multiple labels. So that means that a lot of people have a say-so in her brand. As a business owner or entrepreneur, if you want your clients to find you, you need to make sure that you’re the face of your brand, the voice of your brand and that your voice is consistent across all platforms.

So if you have a bubbly, funny and outgoing personality, then all of your messages and your platforms should reflect that. If you have a laid-back personality like I do, then your messages and platforms should reflect that. When you operate in one consistent voice, you will be able to attract the right clients and the right clients will be able to find you.

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